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Does Your Event Have a Content Marketing Strategy?

Published on April 29, 2016 by 3-2-1 Action Video

So, your are planning a sporting event, and want a Marketing Strategy to maximize your exposure?

For example, did you know you could use a video media to record and distribute your content? That’s just one of the various marketing methods your company can develop and execute in order to promote your event.

Marketing Large Events

Even if planning for your event is moving ahead well and you’ve been able to generate substantial buzz,, there are still many things a company or organization can do to increase return on investment.
It all comes down to content: creating media, like videos, posters, and blogs, that makes people excited and drives them to your events.

Planning Your Strategy

At first glance, content marketing seems pretty simple – create content that’s valuable to your customers. However, it’s a bit more complex than that. Content marketing, especially for events, is all about strategy. Events only last for a limited period of time, so you’ll need to plan ahead, paying special attention to timing.
For example, in terms of social media, you may use Facebook primarily for pre-event marketing, Twitter and Instagram to live tweet and share photos during the event itself, and then move on to a video-based strategy for promoting the event after the fact.

Search Engine Optimization

The core of any content strategy is SEO: optimizing your web content so that when people search for relevant keywords, your event page will show up. This process is both an art and a science.

Social Media Engagement

Following a live event on social media is increasingly becoming the primary way people gather information and stay up-to-date. Whether it’s an awards show or a product unveiling, you may want to consider posting live updates from the event on your channels.
Consider, especially, live tweeting your event on Twitter; it’s the best platform for live event information, and each tweet can include links for readers to purchase tickets, watch a live stream, sign up for email updates, or other desirable marketing actions.
Other social media platforms can be used to help engage an audience before, during, and after an event. Instagram and Facebook are incredibly popular, and along with Twitter, form the trifecta that every organization should at least consider using.
Here are a few essential tips on using social media for event promotion:

  • Use a hashtag for your events (for example, #321action).
  • Consider using images and videos. Visual content often does better on social media than text alone.
  • Organize some sort of contest or giveaway on social media.
  • Release teasers and snippets to generate more buzz.
  • Consider using live polls and surveys to engage with the audience even more.

Using Event Video Recordings

If recording your event is not part of your marketing plan, you should get on it! In 2016, if there is no video, it didn’t happen. Video is a crucial part of preparing for content marketing after an event takes place, and even while the event is happening.
For use after the event, it’s best to record using dedicated, high-quality video equipment. This will provide the best picture quality, allow for editing to correct minor exposure errors, and let you connect professional-quality audio recording equipment, which is absolutely essential for a large event since a video is worthless without good audio.
Video recordings allow for many marketing opportunities after the fact, from the simple (selling the recording to anyone who is interested) to the complex (re-broadcasting the recordings periodically to further capitalize on the time and money that went into holding the event).
To ease this process, look into using a white label business video provider such as 3-2-1 Action Video to simplify the embedding of your video onto your website in order to monetize it.
3-2-1 Action Video also plays a crucial role in content marketing, by posting winning runs, show highlights, etc allowing organizers to share particularly excellent content snippets on social media to create more buzz.


Live Streaming

One great way to build your audience is to use live video as a form of content. Live video can expand your audience by hundreds or thousands, allowing you to reach people around the world; it’s the ultimate form of real-time content generation and sharing.

To learn more about live streaming and how our video production can work for your event, check out the 3-2-1 Action Video introduction.

Sponsors and Partnerships

Another great method of maximizing the impact of your content marketing is to work with sponsors and partners, as other organizations can help massively expand the reach of your content.
Sponsors and partner organizations can serve a few valuable functions. For starters, they can be a source of valuable back-links to your event website. Secondly, they can serve as hosts for guest posts, which increase your SEO rank and also expose your event to new audiences. Finally, sponsors and partners can provide financial support to help make other marketing efforts possible.

Send Home Materials

One oft-overlooked method of content marketing is to make sure that your event leaves a lasting impression on attendees. To help this process along, send your guests home with materials that will be useful.
This simple technique can further distribute your brand through physical means, and can keep people thinking about the event for years to come.

Combining Methods

Content marketing is a big field, and there are thousands of different approaches one can take. The best content marketing strategies will combine several of the methods highlighted above, and will probably add onto those with creative, innovative ideas your company develops. Do what makes sense for your brand, and don’t be afraid to try new things!

Thanks for reading, let us know if you have any comments or questions, and good luck with your event!

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