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3-2-1 Action Video is

the leader in equine show & sports webcasting. We can customize your webcast to fit your events needs. We also offer the opportunity to market to our audience by using banner advertising, or video commercials played during breaks in the action. We also feature High quality audio, along with the best possible video production to create the professional live webcast.

You can text us your questions, comments, feedback, or if you want an onair shout out.



Michael (Videographer, Editor, Advertising) 415-938-7375

Melissa (Videographer, Editor) 817-523-8565


contact@321actionvideo.com  or


Or use this form (for any technical assistance, we need to know what kind of error you are getting, Type
of computer or device, and type of internet to be able to assist you. Without this information it makes it very hard to give you suggestions what my help you.)

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