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2017 Idaho Barrel Futurity – Sweepstakes

Published on May 9, 2017 by 3-2-1 Action Video

Jennifer Barrett on Beduinos Prospector is the 2017 Idaho Barrel Futurity Sweepstakes winner and the fastest time of the Weekend.


2D Sweepstakes Race

Race Sponsored by: Silver Lining Herbs

Paying to 7 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 5700.00, Rider count = 70

1D Time = 17.159, Placings = 10, Pool = $ 3990.00
2D Time = 17.659, Placings = 51, Pool = $ 1710.00
Not Placed = 9

1D Placings
1st 17.159 $997.50 Jennifer Barrett on Beduinos Prospector
2nd 17.277 $837.90 Brittney Burrow on HSR CR Blazin Star
3rd 17.281 $718.20 Jessie Telford on Famous Cool Whip
4th 17.318 $558.60 Italy Sheehan on Woody Pine Cone
5th 17.407 $399.00 LaDawn Bayes on Smoken Blu Cash
6th 17.521 $279.30 Jan Brangle on Wranglin Starlight
7th 17.552 $199.50 Kelsie Miller on Bridle Bit Riley
8th 17.583 Megan Lewis on Smart Fame
9th 17.585 Jody Hale on Stiletto
10th 17.637 Kelli Kamm on Smoothlikejack

2D Placings
1st 17.660 $427.50 Buffy Walchli on JL Staccatto
2nd 17.689 $359.10 Kelsie Miller on AMR Jumpin Dry Fire
3rd 17.703 $307.80 Allie Slater on Ruby Bar Good
4th 17.759 $239.40 Melissa Bieber on LDS Shadaisy
5th 17.778 $171.00 Kasey Every on My Massey Child
6th 17.807 $119.70 Cathy Morgan on Mr JB 0915
7th 17.809 $ 85.50 David Wiseman on Snip It Blue
8th 17.821 Hope Jordan on Smoke UM Diamond
9th 17.831 Katie Hamann on Firen Simon
10th 17.861 Breann Ary on Muffin
11th 17.876 Kristy Yerrington on Banjo Be Quick
12th 17.890 Shelbie Allen on RB Sheza Twisted Oke
13th 17.918 Skye Miller on A Short Night
14th 17.921 Hope Jordan on Handy
15th 17.926 Kalena Webb on Artic Runaway
16th 17.929 Brad Lacy on JR Tuff Wink
17th 17.987 Deanna Davis on Sparkle of Shane
18th 18.025 Stephanie Bake on Laci Bug
19th 18.052 Marlene Bodmer on Barbie
20th 18.111 Joni White on Nighthawks Wrangler
21st 18.118 Sidney Bartholomew on
22nd 18.124 Shelli Scrivner on Colonel Hawks Legacy
23rd 18.152 DelRae Buehler on Go for Cash Clabber
24th 18.163 Talonnie Staples on HQH Iron Man
25th 18.176 Cody Hyde on CP Moonshine
26th 18.178 Shannon Giardano on Idaho Cowgirl Fuel
27th 18.224 Brandon Labbee on Jess Miahs Diva
28th 18.239 Matea Gabiola on Jetdi ABlazin Legs
29th 18.252 Max Haylett on Handsome Child
30th 18.279 Tanisha McKinney on LK First Down Guy
31st 18.326 Claudia Brower on Baabs
32nd 18.340 Cathy Morgan on DCO Chicks Smart
33rd 18.395 Jackie Buckley on Tys Little Pistol
34th 18.404 Becki Holte on Caspers Chick
35th 18.406 Megan Lewis on Poppys Power Play
36th 18.415 Talonnie Staples on HQH Rango
37th 18.420 Mary McDole on Bonnie Blu
38th 18.433 Luanne Cutler on Smokin Jo Lesa
39th 18.439 Carmen Bengoa on Tomahawk
40th 18.450 Lee Britt on Tango
41st 18.479 Marca Taverniti on Pretty Fancy Boon
42nd 18.482 LaDawn Bayes on SS Lil Red Rooster
43rd 18.532 Shannon Giardano on Docs at the rodeo
44th 18.589 Nichole Aichelle on Nothing But Fame
45th 18.752 Kathy Pimentel on Holeys Comet
46th 19.077 Tanisha McKinney on Cashinova Bound
47th 19.111 Lucy Schnabele on Lola
48th 19.182 Kaitlyn Wilson on Phoebe on the Run
49th 19.314 Sandy Dunn on Devil’s Streak
50th 19.377 Jamie Meade on T-Bone
51st 19.387 Ashley Lawson on Ryons Mandy
N/T 417.780 Lindsay Diston on Bring Me Love
N/T 417.945 Lucy Schnabele on Smarty
N/T 418.090 Skye Miller on AMR Cash On Fire
N/T 418.255 Abby Michaelis on Snip Marie
N/T 418.301 Autumn Keller on Nemos Fury
N/T 418.306 Amy Whistler on ERU Famous Mr Blue
N/T 418.541 Stephanie Dial on Teller
N/T 418.889 Tammi Koepnick on Kipaduecy Kid