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2017 Spring Challenge – Slot Race & Saturday Open

Published on May 9, 2017 by 3-2-1 Action Video

Colleen Kingsbury on Cinco de Cash wins the Slot race and the Saturday Open at the 2017 Besthorsegear.com Spring Challenge.




Saturday 4D

Race Sponsored by: Besthorsegear.com

Paying to 14 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 15965.50, Rider count = 241

1D Time = 14.795, Placings = 21, Pool = $ 4789.65
2D Time = 15.295, Placings = 64, Pool = $ 4310.69
3D Time = 15.795, Placings = 48, Pool = $ 3672.07
4D Time = 16.295, Placings = 61, Pool = $ 3193.10
Not Placed = 47

1D Placings
1st 14.795 $881.00 Colleen Kingsbury on Cinco de Cash
2nd 14.818 $762.00 Katy Kafka on Tuckers Hottie – Hottie
3rd 14.912 $637.00 Cheyenne Westwood on Scotches Blue Label – Mig
4th 14.945 $489.00 Denise Collar on Heza Freckles Chexx – Chunky
5th 14.965 $426.00 Serena Randall on Splash Talena
6th 14.979 $311.00 Carla Bridges on Absolute Peppa – Peppa
7th 15.050 $244.00 Kelley Petrak on Frosted French Silk
8th 15.058 $211.00 Makaela Memmott on Cash Gato Boogie
9th 15.083 $192.00 Bekkie Bowerman on Blazin Lucky Charms
10th 15.106 $163.00 Shonna Hinson on Tk JCee’s Firewater – Daisy
11th 15.130 $144.00 Olivia Train on TTC Preachers Lena
12th 15.134 $120.00 Allison Vankoll on FF-Solid Red Socks
13th 15.148 $105.00 Tammy Ivins on 1-Perks Two Bit Dash
Tie 15.148 $105.00 Julie Williams on Streaking Hollywood
15th 15.153 Dianna Cubic on Speed Version
16th 15.169 Kit Thompson on Frosty Fred
17th 15.220 Hannah Olheiser on Gracees Jewel
18th 15.223 Gracie Garthwaite on Cracker
19th 15.253 Lisa Mclean on RLM Seventeen – 17
20th 15.260 Hannah Carlisle on TK Stealn Your Money – Stee
21st 15.294 Marcus Marriott on Little Klickitat CAt

2D Placings
1st 15.301 $793.00 Sammi Lane on Cutters Maximum Cash
2nd 15.317 $685.00 Amanda Marriott on Sly’s Dewell
3rd 15.319 $573.00 Mindy Hendricks on FX Color Me Fameous – Dixie
4th 15.320 $440.00 Danielle Kunkle on Cantoutsmartmyfire
5th 15.323 $384.00 Kennedy Buckner on Im Skippin Willy – Willy
6th 15.367 $280.00 Jodi Goodrich on Holy Moly
7th 15.372 $220.00 Tonya Granfors on FF-Look Ta Fame
8th 15.375 $190.00 Michele Jordan on ND Mand – Sage
9th 15.381 $172.00 Kendra Pinkowsky on Dashing Jolene
10th 15.383 $147.00 Kim Smith on FF – Datsa Lita Playmate
11th 15.394 $129.00 Brooke Blevins on Bella Eyed Anna – Anna
12th 15.402 $108.00 Kimberly Williams on TK Frenchmans Hat
13th 15.403 $ 99.00 Nikki Millin on Leddy’s Playin Again
14th 15.409 $ 91.00 Sierra Ferguson on Kings Firestarter – Pyro
15th 15.415 Hannah Carlisle on TK High on Biankus – MJ
16th 15.423 Lexi Price on Da La Dauh
17th 15.441 Olivia Train on Ought to Streak
18th 15.448 Emma Chase on Playin In The Woods
19th 15.453 Penny Marston on Bogies Bee A Danjur – Foley
20th 15.473 Terri Leach on Tiza Biankus
21st 15.479 Ariel Boline on Famous Bully
22nd 15.487 Sierra Aylett on Black Velvet – unregistered
23rd 15.502 Breanne Stout on Partysin Hollywood
24th 15.504 Jennifer Jones on FF-Bound To Judge Me
Tie 15.504 Cindy Conley on Request Badger
26th 15.545 Cheyenne Giles on Lectric Leonard
27th 15.553 Karen Gleason on FF-See N Fame
28th 15.556 Janine Bundy on FF-Blazin For Pay Day
29th 15.562 Lori Lester on I’ve Got News
30th 15.565 Kit Thompson on RCA Driftwood Jose
31st 15.566 Mary Etzel on Cody Red Badger
32nd 15.575 Mahrisa Paluck on MP Lowand Behold
33rd 15.596 Sierra Bryan on RR Blazin Saddles
Tie 15.596 Amanda Burns on Sixes High Hand – Timber
35th 15.598 Rayna Johnson on Lil Frosty Royal
36th 15.618 Kim Kammenzind on Blackjack O’Malley
37th 15.620 Alexis Van der Velde on BR Dancin Merada
Tie 15.620 Mahrisa Paluck on Cole Hard Cash
39th 15.632 Tiffany Duran on Ima Lady Mackay
40th 15.634 Stormy Griffin on Ima Circuit Judge
41st 15.644 Savanah Greenfield on A Special Movin Easy
42nd 15.649 Brooke Blevins on Bella Eyed Bob
43rd 15.656 Samantha Lutz on Smooth Ole Flit
44th 15.657 Barbara Goss on FF-CE Silver Lining
45th 15.660 Summer Huston on Mis Dually Dun
46th 15.664 Kaitlin Stevens on McNaughton O’Malley
Tie 15.664 Rebekah Grant on Beau
Tie 15.664 Amanda Marriott on Shiners Hickory Nic
49th 15.691 Stephanie Garcia on Lil Miss Smarty Plans
50th 15.694 Trinity Christenson on Brennas Smooth Kid
Tie 15.694 Michaela Oliver on Trophys Perfect Plan
52nd 15.699 Henniemar Schack on Sonita Last Gun – Bobby
53rd 15.707 Tracey Train on Easy Jettin Rocket
54th 15.715 Joan Benham on Gota Go Run
55th 15.720 Adrina Murray on Azure Little Lenna – Missy
56th 15.750 Sally Johnston on Bogies Special Lady
57th 15.752 Kim MacRae on Frenchee Can Go
58th 15.753 Sharon Gow on Cool N Famous
59th 15.759 Halle Johnson on Hol E Mol E Captain
60th 15.761 Sally Johnston on Bogie Cheyenne Cat
61st 15.771 Serena Randall on FF – Awesome Sportsman
62nd 15.772 Debbie Pack on SMR Judge My Falcon
63rd 15.775 Meagan Tallman on Lenas Dry Gun
64th 15.776 Christy Kruse on Sun Peppy – Malibu

3D Placings
1st 15.823 $676.00 Tessa Plagmann on Ruby Tuesday
2nd 15.840 $584.00 Teresa Morrell on Calibcashdatcheck
3rd 15.843 $488.00 Teresa Morrell on Fritz Little Debby
4th 15.845 $375.00 Lisa Mclean on RLM Cowboy Cartel
5th 15.866 $327.00 Emma Chase on Mahogany Bucks
6th 15.881 $239.00 Haley Crume on Strait Tom Cat
7th 15.883 $187.00 Bailey VanKoll on Coats Honor Jet Fire
8th 15.886 $162.00 Amanda Bain on Princess Dinah Pitts “Skittles”
9th 15.889 $147.00 Vicki Jacobson on Spin To Lena
10th 15.894 $125.00 Carol Wurdinger on Texas Miss Sprat
11th 15.901 $110.00 Hailey Ferris on Hugas Loaded Gun
12th 15.913 $ 92.00 Jackie Culham on FF- Sum Extra Cash
13th 15.915 $ 84.00 Shelby Nicks on Dr. Peppers Colonel
14th 15.932 $ 77.00 Dani Grant on Toyin With Diamonds – Gunner
15th 15.939 Melissa Roll on Rocks E Firewater
16th 15.943 Rebecca Olsen on Jack In Your Cash
17th 15.944 Chelsea Rodgers on Smokum Hot Lady
18th 15.969 Vanessa Madsen on Talli – NR
19th 16.021 Lisa Betz on Big Time Biankus
20th 16.027 Katy Kafka on Tobies A Pepto Star – Mia
21st 16.029 Shonalie Oakes on Becky Jo Biankus
22nd 16.043 Majorie Toman on R Dash of Faith – Josie
23rd 16.064 Rayna Johnson on Kaylees Smoken Plan
24th 16.074 Alexandria Casperson on Luckys Smoken Hot
25th 16.077 Candace Shattuck on Jneens Badgure Azure – Tru
26th 16.078 Angie Finley on Plain Jane
27th 16.085 Mecarte Cook on Atticus
28th 16.088 Kaci Lutrell on BW Double Timing
29th 16.092 Euzetta McKillip on Latigo MD
30th 16.108 Sierra Bryan on FF-TK Famous Flyin Bugs
31st 16.113 Siterra Magee on FPG Turbo – Turbo
32nd 16.114 Angela Gordon on Wheelers Cady Doll
33rd 16.121 Mindy Wyatt-Michalscheck on Gray Lady Cashmyta
34th 16.127 Karen Richter on Fame Ta Cash – Cottonwood
35th 16.128 Jackie Rhoden on THR Famous Flurry
36th 16.141 Tasha Johns on TK High on Cash
37th 16.152 Barbara Goss on FF-Dats Blazin
38th 16.154 Leah Miller on Ladys Like Honor
39th 16.166 Lee Olheiser on Chex Out My Dolly
Tie 16.166 Shawna Johnson on Gunna Dash For Gold
41st 16.213 Dana Millin on Terry’s Lil Joe – Witch
42nd 16.231 Kaylah Gilkey on Talent on Ice
43rd 16.239 Barbara Jones on Judge John Henry
44th 16.261 Emma Fairbairn on Smokin Cat O Lena
45th 16.265 Katie Poole on Rock Solid Biankus – Roxy
46th 16.274 Patsy Hayes on JJS Harley Olena – Ellie
47th 16.279 Dusty Boone on Go She Rocket – 4.0.9
48th 16.288 Breanne Wolfe on Tk Montana Fame

4D Placings
1st 16.332 $588.00 Kit Thompson on FF – Name Your Fame
2nd 16.333 $508.00 Hali Dorsey on Dual Rey’s Copy Cat
3rd 16.337 $425.00 Rachel Delance on Slip Slidin Solano
4th 16.338 $326.00 Cheryl Adams on Dolly
5th 16.366 $284.00 Alicia Meadors on Dillards Lady Blue – DC
6th 16.370 $208.00 Leah Miller on Owatta Zippity Do Da
7th 16.372 $163.00 Angie Millard on Chrome
8th 16.382 $140.00 Chris Nelson on FX Five of Clubs – Schatzi
9th 16.399 $128.00 Bethany Dengler on Alabama Eye Man
10th 16.426 $109.00 Julie White on Dot Coms Little Jul
11th 16.443 $ 96.00 Angie Ballard on Jake
12th 16.447 $ 80.00 Claire Ely on Chickoutmymoves
13th 16.467 $ 73.00 Patty Childers on Poco Caballo De Oro
14th 16.468 $ 67.00 Elisha Zellner on Gus
15th 16.479 Charley Indermuhle on Triple Cash Prize
Tie 16.479 Karen Gleason on FF-Look Famous
17th 16.563 Darnella Rae Petersen on Stylish Peppy Fritz
18th 16.565 Alison Harrison on Apache
Tie 16.565 Tamara Scroggs on Judges Streakinsteel
20th 16.588 Christine Conley on Odie Bar Beach – Odie
21st 16.594 Teniel Pies on Wolfes Lavender Fox – Roanie
22nd 16.597 Macie Koreiva on Elsie
23rd 16.616 Stephanie Coffey on DBQ Missing the Scotch
24th 16.638 Katy Kafka on Carly’s Roan Bar – Roany
25th 16.680 Violet Shirley on Got Caught Streakin
26th 16.698 Vicki Jacobson on Peo Peco – Sister
Tie 16.698 Therese Mott on Docs Rojo Olena – Rojo
28th 16.705 Marissa Jacobson on PMR Boot Scooten Cowboy
29th 16.733 Ashley Shelton on Judges First Jewel
30th 16.785 Jerri Mann on Fizz
31st 16.904 Audrey Averill on FF-THR Jollolla Gold
32nd 16.910 Shayna Forbes on Smokn Blue
33rd 16.917 Jerri Mann on Czeech
34th 16.980 Jessie Ferguson on Dawson – NR
35th 16.993 Jessica Oberle on Munster
36th 17.044 Bailey Van Cleave on Silks Stardust
37th 17.049 Sam Carpenter on Smoke NB Miles Ahead
38th 17.071 Kaylah Gilkey on Shiners Gloing Ember
39th 17.073 Shawna Leslie on Flashem First
40th 17.094 Dakota O’Loughlin on Platinum
41st 17.123 Jennifer Ashley on Gotta Wanna Cook – Chili
42nd 17.189 Tiffany Duran on A Dandy Biankus
43rd 17.271 Sharra Deniz on FF-Blazen Red Firewater
44th 17.290 Devin Perkins on Katie Cowgirl
45th 17.356 Hailee Kennedy on Skip
46th 17.435 Julia Guscette on CPR First Copy
47th 17.457 Allie Honeycutt on SF Gunpowder and Lead
48th 17.472 Kaylee Fahlgren on Harts Beduino Angel
49th 17.640 Tanya Ledbetter on FF-CP Thursday
50th 17.697 Dessiree Sutton on DT Shiners Farve
51st 17.785 Michael Cuevas on Logan
52nd 17.827 Kaki Morehead on RLM Easy Dash – Maddox
53rd 17.888 Michelle Kennedy on Hurricane Starlight – Moll
54th 17.922 Nicole Garski on SC Two Eyed Jewell
55th 18.019 Sierra Aylett on Vrnee N Ole Jett Wood
56th 18.329 Hailey Schewe on Watch Frenchmansdeva
57th 18.771 Kristyn Kellogg on Stars Styledin Bit
58th 18.782 Shalene Baert on Barlinks Bit A Spice
59th 19.278 Melissa Sullivan on Pride
60th 19.551 Berna Haberman on I’ll Shine for Cash
61st 27.783 Tammy Ivins on HR Lady Gaga