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We can help you advertise with a video ad

Published on November 29, 2016 by 3-2-1 Action Video

3-2-1 Action Video is a full service video production team. Not only can we offer you an opportunity to place your ad, we can also help you design one to use on our webcast, social media, or on your website. So if you are interested in seeing your business in video ads, here is what we need.

  1. Our professional webcasts of barrel racing events include timed commercial breaks. For this reason, we must have the ads timed out to fit in drags. So our ads must be easy to distribute with other ads in each commercial break.  For thos we generally use only :30 and :60 ads, but at some bigger events we also allow :15 and :45 ads as well. The best way to know how long an ad you need, is to write the script for the voiceover first. We can usually get about 70-75 words in a :30 and 140-150 in a :60.
  2. Once the script is finalized, we will send to a professional voiceover. If you have a preference of type (male, female, fast, slow, etc) please let us know so we can get the best match for what you are wanting.
  3. We then will need images, logos, videos, etc that you have full rights to use. Please email these or send via a dropbox, google drive, etc. Videos we can also get from viemo, or youtube if you want, or you can some of our HD footage.
  4. We will then send you drafts as we begin to build your ad, and either will look for your approval, or edit as you prefer.
  5. Once complete we will send you the link to video to share on your social media, or website. If you are a yearlong sponsor with us, we will also post on our website as a sponsor with a link to your website.

So contact us today at ads@321actionvideo.com or call 415-938-7375


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